Happy FIRST Bithday, Emilia!

This is one of my all time FAVORITE photos! Every time I look at these 2 hands, my heart melts. Emilia loves her Papa so much.

Hand snuggles are the best xo


Click Play on the above video to watch us sing Happy Birthday to Emilia!! xoxo

Happy 11 Months, Emilia!

Emilia has been super busy this month, learning new things every day! Her favorite song is the "Welcome to our learning farm." She shakes her head and body every time she hears it. She also loves playing in the dishwasher, although we try our best to keep her away. She just lights up every time we open the dishwasher door, its hard to say no. She is also starting to say Mama, Papa, and Ball on a regular basis. Her favorite things to do these days are: give kisses, shake her head "yes" and "no", blink her eyes and lean back (which is her just being silly), and eat. She absolutely loves food now. She gets so excited every time she sees a familiar food item. For example, she LOVES cookies! You'll see in the photo below. She still can't sit still, but she's getting better about playing on her own. She also sleeps in her crib all night long now.

We are so excited for her to be 1 next month!

Happy 10 Months, Emilia!

The last few months have been so fun! Emmy can now wave and say "bye-bye". She can also shake her head "no", when I say "no ma'am" to her. She's able to pull herself up on anything, and stands like a champ. I think she'll be walking in a month or two. Of everything new she's been doing, my all time favorite thing is her kisses. She not only understands what a kiss is, but will also lean in and kiss us! It's so adorable and sweet.