Happy 1 Month, Olivia!!

Nearly one month ago, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Olivia. While I cannot believe it's already been a month, I have enjoyed every moment of every day being this little one's Mama. It feels like she grows by the day and is starting to show us little bits and pieces of her personality. Hopefully she grows big and strong,  so she can fight her big sister back, who has been loving, but also very aggressive with her. Emilia is still getting used to our newest family member, but deep down I know how much she loves her little sister. 

Olivia Adriana- The First 2 Weeks

Welcome to the world, Olivia Adriana!!

On Saturday May 19th at 2:57 pm, we welcomed sweet baby Olivia Adriana Soler into this world. She weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces and was 20 inches tall. She was perfectly healthy and happy, and we couldn't have been any happier. Emilia was especially happy to meet her new baby sister.