Spring Break and more...

The past few months have been both crazy busy and crazy fun! Emilia started walking last month, so we all have been enjoying her new independence. It took her awhile, but now walking is her preferred method of transportation. In addition to walking, Emilia has begun imitating nearly everything we do. If I knock on the door, she will mimic my knocking. If I sneeze, she too will "sneeze." While its super cute, I now realize how careful we have to be about what we say and do!

Since my last post, we have taken 1 trip and 1 stay-cation. We went to Greenville for a friends birthday last month (see the 2 photos below). A few weeks later, Ivan and I took off work for a week for Emilia's spring break. Below you will see photos from our "trips," as well as random photos from the last few months! 

Emilia is so intrigued by bubbles, which she calls baas. Nearly everything in her world is a baa....aka ball.

A photo from our weekly Sunday dinner at Tio Brad's house <3

THE BEACH! We went to the beach a few times over Spring Break and Emilia loved every minute of 
it. She loves the sand, the water, and the wind.

We also bought her a kiddie pool for the back deck. Can you tell that she enjoys the pool as well?

We all love the park in our neighborhood. It's such a beautiful walk. And the park itself is amazing!

PESTO PASTA! Who knew she'd find this dish so yummy (and funny!)

Emilia waves and kisses at everybody and everything...and sometimes at nothing. She is the sweetest girl in the world.
The next 2 photos are from school. Her teachers sent me these adorably messy photos of Emmy eating blueberries!

Just like her Papa, Emmy loves music....especially The Cars. :)

Look at her Flip Flop walk! Is it not the cutest thing ever!?!?

Emmy and her turtle....this video is one of my all time faves.

Emmy LOVES to dance!! She raises her arms in the air and rocks her body to any beat. Its so very adorable to watch!