Olivia Adriana Soler

Tomorrow, I will officially be 27 weeks pregnant (just over 6 months). I just realized that I haven't even shared my pregnancy journey on here. While this pregnancy feels very similar to my first, it is so different in so many ways. It's hard sometimes to focus since we have a toddler to care for. And if you know Emilia, you know that she is not a "relaxed" toddler. She is constantly on the go, and loves getting into everything. She keeps us very busy, and very much reminds me of myself as a kid. Anyway, below are some photos of Olivia (from our ultrasounds).

Happy 2nd Birthday, Emilia!!

Our very telanted friend, Ben, took some amazing photos for Emilia's second birthday. Since we did not have a birthday party for her this year, we wanted to at the very least capture some special moments on her birthday. On her actual birthday, Ivan and I took off work so we could celebrate Emilia. We took her out to lunch and then to the aquarium. She also got an indoor trampoline as her "big" gift. See below for all the photos from the photo shoot and her birthday celebration!!